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If you are a new client and would like to place an order, take some time to peruse the site, and then please contact us at bbuddy024@hushmail.com.


For those of you that are particular about receiving certain strains - please realize that if we are out of the strain you requested at the time of packing your order, we will substitute something else. Please include an alternate choice if you do not wish us to make that decision for you, in order to avoid any possible disappointment.

New product: THC drops ONE and TWO

THC DROPS. (THC DROPS ONE were formerly sold as "Heavenly Hash Drops.") THC DROPS TWO are 4x stronger than THC DROPS ONE.

DROPS ONE have 12mg cannabinoids per 1ml. This is about 95% THC, and 5% CBD. One drop of ONE will have about 0.3mg of THC.

DROPS TWO have 48mg cannabinoids per 1ml. This is about 86% THC and 14% other cannabinoids. (about 5.5% CBG, 5.5% CBC, 1.3% CBN, 0.7% CBD). These other cannabinoids increase the medicinal benefits through what is called "the entourage effect.) One drop of TWO will have about 1.2mg cannabinoids.


Due to increased scrutiny and seizures, all clients in the J0M postal code will need to order from the Nunavut menu, which includes a $50 shipping fee.


At BudBuddy we believe in the legalization of marijuana and ending the stupid war on drugs. We donate a sizeable portion of our proceeds to this cause.

We encourage you to become active in ending pot prohibition. Here's some places you can go for more information and to get involved.

Join the Sensible BC campaign for a marijuana referendum!
Stop the Violence
Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

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